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Marine doors, marine windows, marine covers, marine ladders, marine moorings, marine ventilation parts, marine wipers, marine glass and rubber products

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Ten years of experience in the production of marine equipment parts

Rich industry experience

Specializing in the marine equipment parts industry for ten years, we provide our customers with unique solutions, which are unanimously recognized by the industry with integrity, win-win and quality.

Reliable product quality

The door frame, door and window produced by the company are made of imported or domestic high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, electro-galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate. The high-quality expanded perlite plate with temperature resistance above 1200 °C is filled in. The surface is treated with several points and is equipped with stainless steel fire lock.

Strong corporate strength

With abundant material reserves, the company has various types of marine equipment such as marine windows and marine doors, with a total asset value of more than 10 million.

Efficient enterprise management

Improve the quality and environmental management system and implement the 5S management system efficiently;
Scientific and rigorous construction organization;
Full implementation of information management;

Professional after-sales service

Equipped with a professional factory technical team, experienced, technically competent, timely service in place; customers with peace of mind, peace of mind, is our mission.

The common choice of more than 1,000 companies across the country,
thank them for choosing us over the years

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About us


We specialize in products ------Marine Doors ,Windows ,Covers ,Ladders, Mooring Equipment, Marine Ventilation Equipment, Deck Equipment, Marine Safety and Lifesaving equipment, Marine

Pipe Fitting, Marine Casting Products, Valve, Instruments and Apparatus, Cable, Marine hardware, rubber and glass products. We have our own outfitting factory in Tianchang City …


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